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Visions Fugitives

This series comprising 21 images was inspired by the short solo piano pieces by Serge Prokofiev*, entitled
Visions Fugitives. The artist’s fascination with these twenty piano pieces is due partly to their briefness (38 seconds to 1,50 minutes) and also to their diversity of expression and changing mood, moving from
a sensitive lyricism to agitated chaos. Listening to these pieces sometimes gives the impression of being seduced into a world seemingly open, yet impenetrable.

In the spirit of the piano pieces, this series of prints employs a variety of pictorial devices and contrasting atmospheres, at the same time creating a subtle and coherent link among the images. These works are
in no way an illustration of Prokoviev’s pieces, but analogies and relationships to the spirit engendered
by the group of works.

The experiment began in 1992 in the series Veils is pursued in these works, with the printing recto-verso of
a translucid sheet, exploring the potential of the inclusion of the printed surface into the image : transform a colour seen on and through the printed sheet, therefore modifying the comportment of this colour

*Serge Prokofiev (1891–1953)
Russian composer and pianist. Precociously gifted for composition, writing his first scores at the age of five. The twenty Visions Fugitives Op.20 were composed between 1915 and 1917, with their source of inspiration being a work by the Russian symbolist poet Konstantin Balmont (1886-1942). Better known for his ballet music, opera and equally for his large works for piano or piano and orchestra, the miniatures none the less announce scent of future compositions.

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