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Unfinished Letters

The series of prints entitled Lettres Inachevées (Unfinished Letters) was initiated in 1993 as etchings measuring 38 x 56 cm, 20-7/8 x 14-7/8’’ each image filling the entire space. At first it seemed practical to reduce these dimensions to 18 x 20 cm. 7-13/16 x 7’’ while retaining the original paper proportions. This reduction in size permitted greater creative freedom and technical flexibility in the search for new pictorial language.

These works, in their attempt to achieve new breakthroughs in artistic expression, seem as free and fresh as
an intimate sketchbook. Previous limitations and unique possibilities inherent to the art of printmaking were reexamined and explored to the fullest. The linking and superimposing of seemingly unrelated layers of images, expressed new definitions of the emotions, love, despair, grief and fear.

These pictorial potentials, as explored since 1993, have given rise to over 60 works.

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